Tai Chi/ Qigong  

This class combines active Qigong excercise with the Yang Family Tai Chi form to deliver low impact core movement that develops and improves increased energy, circulation, full

body coordination and relaxation. 

                         Yang family Taijiquan

            Yang Form
  1.) Beginning(Chi shih)
  2.) Grasp Sparrow's Tail (Lan Chueh Wei) Ward Off, Left (Tso Peng)
  3.) Grasp Sparrow's Tail Ward Off, Right (Yu Peng)
  4.) Grasp sparrow's Tail Roll Back (Lu)
  5.) Grasp Sparrow's Tail Press (Chi)
  6.) Grasp Sparrow's Tail Push (An)
  7.) Single Whip (Tan Pien)
  8.) Raise Hands (Ti Shou)
  9.) Shoulder Strike (Kao)
10.) White Crane Spreads it's Wings (Pai Hao Liang Chih)
11.) Brush Left Knee, Twist Step (Tso Lou Hsih Yao Pu)
12.) Play The Guitar ( Shou Hui Pi Pa)
13.) Step Forward, Deflect Downward, Parry, and Punch (Chin-pu Pan Lan Ch'ui)
14.) Withdraw and Push ( Ju Feng Ssu Pi)
15.) Cross Hands " Apparent Closure" ( Shih-tzu Shou)
16.) Embrace Tiger Return to Mountain (Pao Hu Kuie Shan)
17.) "Grand Sequence" Repeat postures 3-6
18.) Diangonal Single Whip
19.) Fist Under Elbow (Chou Ti Kan Chui)
20.) Step Back and Repulse Monkey (Tao Nien Hou) 
21.) Needle at Sea Bottom
22.) Diagonal Slant Flying (Hsieh Fei Shih)
23.) Wave Hands Like Clouds (Yun Shou) 
24.) Repeat Posture 7: Single Whip
25.) Snake Creeps Down (Tan Pien Hsia Shih)
26.) Golden Rooster Stands on one Leg (Chuin Chi Tu Li Shih)
27.) Seperate Hands, Kick with Right Foot (Yu Fen Chio)
28.)  Seperate Hands, Kick with Left Foot
29.) Turn Body and Kick with Heel (Chaun Shen Teng Chiao)
30.) Brush Knee Twist Step (Lou Hsih Yao Pu)
31.) Step Forward and Punch Downward (Chin Pu, Tsai Chui)
32.) Fair Lady Weaves at Shuttles (Nu Ch'uan Suo)
33.) "Grand Sequence" Reapeat postures 3-6
34.) Repeat posture 7: Single Whip
35.) Repeat posture 25: Snake Creeps Down
36.) Step up To The Seven Stars (Shang Pu Shi Hsing)
37.) Reatreat to Ride The Tiger
38.) Turn Body Sweeping Left Lotus Kick (Chaun shen Pai Lien Tui)
39.) Bend The Bow to Shoot the Tiger (Wan Kung Shen Hu)
40.) Repeat posture 13: Step Forward, Deflect Downward, Parry and Punch
41.) Repeat posture 14: Withdraw and Push (Ju Feng Ssu Pi)
42.) Cross Hands (Shih Tzu Shou)
43.) Conclusion (Ho T'ai Chi)



Postures 3-6 make up the
"Grand Sequence"



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