Active Qigong


Energetic skill is developed through active phyisical movements that involve coordinated breathing and mental imagery to build the yang nature of Chi in the body. 

Passive Qigong


​Energy Skill development in passive Qigong is developed  with stillness, meditation, and focused breathing techniquecs. This approach builds the Yin nature of  chi in the body.  

Qigong Therapy


Medical Qigong Therapy is one of the four branches of Chinese medicine. It is based on the knowledge and use of the bodies internal and external energetic fields. With the understanding of these fields, specific techniques are used to Purge, Tonify, and balance the bodies energy. This is a safe and efficient way to rid the body of painful toxic emotions.


" Tyler is a truly gifted instructor and practitioner. His devotion to maritial arts and the healing arts shine through in all that he does. I have had profound healing treatments with Tyler as my practitioner, and have truly enjoyed training Tai Chi and Bagua with him as well." 

Lishanna Tryllium, owner,acupunturist, Herbalist, Peoples Integrative Medicine, Santa Cruz, Ca

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